White Opal

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  • White Opal 10mm With Two Blue Sapphire Accents Ring

  • White Opal, Six 10mm Round Bracelet

  • Larimar/White Opal 12X10mm Happy Hour Ring (Reversible)

  • White Opal Five 7mm Adjustable Bracelet

  • Larimar/White Opal 7mm Adjustable Bracelet

  • White Opal 7mm Basket Stud Earrings (Vermeil)

  • White Opal 8X6mm Slider Tennis Bracelet

  • White Opal 10mm Whale Tail with 4mm White Sapphire Set

  • Fire Opal 12mm And 10mm Earrings And Pendant Set

  • Larimar/White Opal Bavaro Happy Hour Ring (Reversible)

  • White Opal 12X10 Sterling Silver Corona Ring (JRX143-OP)

  • White Opal 12X10 Sterling Silver Hermes Ring (JRX138-OP)

  • Fire Opal 10X12mm Oval Micro Pave Ring

  • White Opal 10X12 Olive Leaf Ring

  • White Opal 10mm White Sapphire Accents

  • White Opal 10X14mm Pear Shaped Ring

  • White Opal 12X10 Beautiful Cabarete Ring White Sapphire Accents

  • Fire Opal 10X14 Oval Solid Sterling Silver Ring